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Lifestyle authority and online concept store which is offering style inspo, high & urban fashion, lifestyle acitivities and bespoke services. All content is carefully curated by Editor-in-Chief Carmen Blom and her team of passionated lifestyle editores and advisors.

House of Blom is dedicated to the young, demanding and easygoing woman and man, who loves to perform at their best in all aspects of life. They are passionate and driven.

The eclectic mix of the concept store represents the cosmopolitan, chilled and bohemian attitude of the woman behind House of Blom – Carmen Blom. „House of Blom makes the woman and the man. We recommend what we love and which truly represents the values of the brand.

„We enable people & businesses to perform at their best! We deliver life-transforming lifestyle services which will enriches all other aspects of their life!“ – Editor-in-Chief Carmen Blom.


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House of Blom kuratiert Lifestyle-Informationen (Produkte, Shoppingempfehlungen o. ä.), um das Suchen und Finden zu erleichtern. Dabei integrieren wir Links und Banner unserer Partnershops in unsere Seiten. Für die erfolgreiche Vermittlung von Käufen erhalten wir eine Provision. House of Blom ist deshalb kein Online Shop im eigentlichen Sinn. Bei Fragen zu Akutalität und Richtigkeit von Preisen, Versandkosten, Lieferbedingugen usw. kontaktisieren Sie bitte den Service des jeweiligen Partner-Shops. Inhalte, die wir gegen Bezahlen empfehlen, werden eindeutig  mit „Ad“ oder „Sponsored“ gekennzeichnet. Bei Fragen zu dieser „Editorial Policy“ nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt unter


Advice & Expertise from the leading marketing & lifestyle experts.


Mentors & empowers women & men to perform at their best!


Representing international & sophisticated attitude.

Meet Awesome Team

Profesional and Outstanding Ideas of our passlonate team makes us unique in every sense.

Carmen Blom

Editor in Chief


Falk E. | Health Editor

Fitness Model, Pro Athlete

Erik H. |Grooming Editor

Face & Shave Specialist

Phil T. | Experience Editor

Party Animal, Digital Nomade, Pixel Creative


eat, play, chill, repeat


inhale – exhale

Our Skills

Our editorial team consists of professionals in all aspects of lifestyle & business. We know how to refine!

Refinery Experts 100%
Fashion Experts 100%
Taste & Style Pro 100%
Text Pro 100%
Strategy Coaching
Business Coaching
Concept Development
Career Coaching